Bringing a consumer-grade experience to B2B payments

Tools like Venmo made peer-to-peer payments easy. We want to do to B2B payments what Venmo did to peer-to-peer payments: make it easy to send and receive money. offers a modern dashboard to manage your payments.


Click button. Payment done.

B2B payments currently require a lot of work, so we simplified it to a single click. No need to verify your counterparty's routing and account number or call the bank to verify a wire. Click one button to send or request payment, and we'll take care of the rest.

Never lose track of a payment is your dashboard to oversee payments coming into and going out of your business. Our invoice dashboard shows who owes you money, and to whom you owe money.

No more late payments

No vendor enjoys collecting late payments from customers. Customers don't prefer to pay their vendors late either. We offer automated late payment services so everybody can avoid late payments and interruptions to their operations.

Automatically updated reports

You shouldn't have to update your records. Your records should update you. When you invoice a customer, their accounts payable updates, and your accounts receivable updates. When they pay the invoice, we automatically mark the invoice as paid and update everybody's reports. When your new funds are available in your balance, we'll let you know. You'll get notifications for all updates to your invoices and payments.

Fully self-service

While we're proud of our customer support, we designed to be simple and intuitive so that you won't need it. is entirely self-service. Our product includes tutorials and pointers so that you will never be lost. If you do require assistance anyway, we're excited to help!

Beautiful and mobile-friendly

We designed to be aesthetically pleasing on laptops and phones. Leverage your powers with anytime and anywhere you choose.


Our users call this product "the B2B version of Venmo." Our mission is to create an amazing experience around B2B payments.

Hi! I'm Dillon, the founder of

I was a VP at a cannabis trucking company, where I managed the software around accounts receivable and payable. Long before that, I worked with the early team at Venmo. is made with ❤️ in San Francisco.


We charge 0.5% of each payment on our platform. If Moses sends $2,000 to Shriya, we withhold a $10 fee, and Shriya will receive $1,990. can also send automatic follow-ups to collect late payments on any invoice you choose. In this case, we'll withhold a 3% fee from the transfer. So, if Shriya is owed $2,000 and opts in for the automatic follow-ups, will withhold a $60 fee, and she'll receive $1,940.